How to get to Pico do Areeiro?

How to get to Pico do Areeiro?

How to get to Pico do Areeiro?

Pico do Areeiro is Madeira’s third-highest peak at an impressive 1818 metres above the sea. Higher than this mountain you can only find the neighbouring Pico das Torres at 1851 metres and Pico Ruivo at 1861 metres. 

This location offers breathtaking views of the mountain peaks that tower over Madeira Island's central mountainous massif. 


How to get to Pico do Areeiro - Rent a car


From here, you can see the golden island of Porto Santo on clear days. This is a place not to miss when visiting Madeira Island. So, how to get here from Funchal?

If you rented a car it is easy enough to climb the winding roads up to Pico do Areeiro and take in the view by yourself. But what if you don’t have a car available to you?


Here are our suggestions:


Take a Tour


A tour might be the ideal solution if you’re looking for a visit to this magnificent mountain but don’t want to spend all day on it. 

Pico do Areeiro offers a breathtaking perspective of every part of Madeira, being the highest mountain on the island that is reachable by car. This is one of the very first stops of the East Tour.


How to get to Pico do Areeiro - East Tour


Here, depending on the weather conditions of the day, you will either witness a spectacular cloud "sea" form right below you or see the distinctive landscape that encircles the island.

This tours also gives you the opportunity to visit several other places in the east side of the island, like the deep forest of Ribeiro Frio, the traditional rural village of Santana, or the impressive cliff views of Faial and Ponta de São Lourenço

You can book this tour here. 


Take a ride on a Jeep


If you’re craving a bit of adventure, a jeep tour to Pico do Areeiro might be perfect for you. 

An experience with fewer people than the last (each jeep takes only up to 8), this is a tour focused on the east of the island. From the bay where the Portuguese landed in 1419, through the ancient royal footpath, surrounded by the oldest terraces of the island, and along the indigenous forest, this jeep tour has it all. One of the most dramatic stops is precisely in Pico do Areeiro, where you can feast your eyes on the surrounding mountains, a view like no other! 


How to get to Pico do Areeiro Photo: Travel and Keep Fit


A transfer to Pico do Areeiro to see the sunrise


How to get to Pico do Areeiro - Sunrise


What if you don’t want to share any of this experience with strangers? It’s perfectly legitimate, we all have a bit of the anti-social in us. 

A driver can pick you up at any hotel in Funchal in the wee hours of the day and take you up the mountain for a great sunrise experience. The driver will take you back to the hotel upon request after your session.

This is a great choice for those of us who are visiting the island with family, friends, or alone. Don't pass up the chance to get up bright and early and experience the magnificent sunrise from above the clouds. This spot is famous for it and it can be a truly unique experience to remember for a lifetime.

If you want to make the experience more enjoyable, pack a blanket and perhaps a breakfast picnic. What a privileged way to start the day! Book your transfer here


A walk between the peaks


How to get to Pico do Areeiro - Hike from Pico Areeiro to Pico Ruivo


If you’re looking for a more physical challenge, a hike between the two peaks might be just the thing for you! Get your mountain boots (or sneakers) and sunscreen and come with us on this adventure in the mountains. 

A certified mountain guide will be with you and your group every step of the way during this magnificent hike. This trek offers views of expansive landscapes made up of powerful rock formations. You might be able to view Curral das Freiras in the valley below, Porto Santo, the Desertas Islands to the south, or even the Ponta de So Lourenço. Moving through the clouds is a rush like no other!

The guide will point out to you all the unique fauna and flora you can find on this hike, like the  Freira da Madeira, one of Europe's most imperilled bird species, which may be found in this mountain range. You can also observe several centennial indigenous heathers through the trail.  You can book this hike here

Don’t miss this opportunity!