Activities in Madeira Island

Activities in Madeira Island

Activities in Madeira Island

Madeira Island has many sports and leisure activities to offer during your stay in the island. Moreover, the islands are well known for its mild climate throughout the year, its rare nature, majestic scenery, spectacular mountains. With such diverse and magnificent natural spaces, you can choose a more calm activity, or awaken your adrenaline with extreme sports.

From the mountains to farmland, health forests, subtropical fauna and indigenous species, the island is truly a garden that invites you to practice numerous activities. Discover all the activities you can do during your holidays in Madeira Island.


Land Activities

Land Activities in Madeira, the ideal place for extreme sports, through deep valleys and towering mountains. Discover Madeira! There is so much to do! From guided tours in the Levadas, up to jeep expeditions, canyoning, climbing, around the island … for all ages, tastes and physical conditions.

Land activities in Madeira Island

Ocean Activities

There is a wide range of water sports on the island of Madeira. The horizons of Madeira do not end in themselves. They offer the opportunity to be alone with nature and see all the beauty, the calm and strength of the Atlantic Ocean. A wonderful shade of blue that almost merges with the sky, offering each guest an experience of breathtaking with lots to discover.

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Air Activities

If you have an adventurous spirit, for you the sky is the limit. Paragliding, hang gliding or even a cable car ride, there are several activities that allow you to contemplate the natural beauty of land from the air.

Air Activities in Madeira Island