Land Activities in Madeira Island



Discover Madeira! There is so much to do! From guided tours in the Levadas, to jeep expeditions, canyoning, climbing, around the island…for all ages, tastes and physical conditions. If adrenaline is what you wish for, then ride the dirt trails on a mountain bike or come into close contact with nature itself exploring a creek or waterway doing canyoning.

With such diverse and magnificent natural spaces, you can choose a more calm activity, or awaken your adrenaline with extreme sports.

Land Activities in Madeira, the ideal place for extreme sports, through deep valleys and towering mountains. There is a wide range of activities such as Mountain Biking, Jeep Tours, Canyoning, Hiking the famous Levadas of Madeira, Climbing, Bird Watching, Sightseeing Tours, City Tours, Excursions.


Mountain Biking

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Sightseeing Tours

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Horse Riding

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Hiking & Trekking

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Levada Walks

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Jeep Tours

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Trail Running

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