Ocean Activities in Madeira Island



The horizons of Madeira do not end in themselves. They offer the opportunity to be alone with nature and see all the beauty, the calm and strength of the Atlantic ocean. A wonderful shade of blue that almost merges with the sky, offering each guest an experience of breathtaking with lots to discover. Explore the Sea of ??Madeira, a blue world increasingly visited.

The excellent visibility, a sunken ship turned into a coral reef and many friendly animals make this wonderful blue world an irresistible attraction for divers from all around the world.
Enjoy the dive, and with water temperatures ranging between 18º and 25ºC plus a mild climate, don’t even bother to pack your scuba diving suit!

In the Islands you’ll find several scuba diving schools and companies specializing in trips, courses and equipment rental. With a scuba bottle or snorkel, venture into the crystal clear waters of Madeira and Porto Santo.

There is a wide range of nautical/ water activities such as stand up Paddle, Surf, Windsurf, Diving, Boat tours, Whale Watching Tours, Sport Fishing.


Boat Tours

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Scuba Diving

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Dolphins & Whales

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Sport Fishing

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Stand Up Paddle

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