Madeira Islands Guide

Madeira Islands Guide

Madeira Islands Guide

Your complete guide to tourist destinations. Essential holiday information on your visit to Madeira. The lush landscapes are one of the biggest tourist attractions on Madeira Island. Incredible scenes that awaken the senses and leave a permanent mark, regardless of the time of year you visit the island.

Facts about Madeira

History, Culture, Location and Climate, Gastronomy, Nature, Levadas, Towns and Municipalities, Populations, Madeira Wine, Arts and Crafts, Gardens. Everything you need to know about Madeira Island is here. Get ready to discover scenes full of colors and movements so fabulous that you'll want to come back again and again.

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Madeira Island Activity Guide

Madeira Island has many sporting and leisure activities to offer during your stay on the island. Furthermore, the islands are known for their year-round mild climate, rare nature, majestic landscapes and spectacular mountains. With such diverse and magnificent natural spaces, you can opt for a calmer activity, or awaken your adrenaline with extreme sports.

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