Best Tours to Porto Moniz

For all residents and for all those visiting Madeira Island, Porto Moniz is a mandatory stop. The Madeira West Island tour is essential for any visitor! Here you will have the opportunity to observe some of the island's most important landmarks! Diversity is the keyword. 

Porto Moniz is the main focus of any Madeira West Island Tour, this little village planted by the sea on the northwest of Madeira Island is really quite awesome when you get to see it for the very first time. Around since the XVI century, this village has long depended on the nature around it and the sea to thrive. 

Surrounded by the untamed Atlantic Ocean Porto Moniz is perhaps best known for its gorgeous natural lava pools, remnants of the fiery ancient past of the island and its volcano. The village has two separate sets of pools and both are highly recommended. There you can certainly appreciate the clear water with a truly wild nature just outside the bounds of the pools. 

Look around and you can gaze upon the dramatic side of the mountain, the greenest of greens meeting the deep blue Atlantic. Along those slopes, waterfalls can be occasionally observed. A true jewel of Madeira Island. 


Don't miss the opportunity to swim in the Porto Moniz natural lava pools!


Here are some of our very best Tours to Porto Moniz:


Madeira West Island Tour

This is a Madeira West Island Tour that no visitor can miss! Here you will have the opportunity to observe some of the most important landmarks of the island.
This tour starts with a stop at the fishing village of Câmara de Lobos and Cabo Girão, the highest cliff in Europe. Continuing towards the north coast, you will pass through the Paúl da Serra highland to reach one of Madeira's most popular villages: Porto Moniz.
Finally, you will visit the beautiful villages of Seixal and São Vicente.




Northwest Porto Moniz Jeep Tour Full Day

The Open 4X4 tour to West Porto Moniz, is guaranteed to be one of your best days out in the Madeira Island. Friendly, fun and informative guides will take you to parts of the Madeira that you would never find on your own, making this tour an unforgettable experience, leaving the Hotels behind and explore the west picturesque landscape of the island.
Possibility of making a small levada walk in Caramujo and Swim in Porto Moniz Natural Lava Pools or Seixal black sandy beach.


Transfer from Funchal to Porto Moniz

Private Taxi Transfer from Funchal to Porto Moniz in a modern, comfortable van driven by an experienced driver. The van can take up to 8 people, a perfect choice if you're in Madeira with your family or a small group of friends and don't want to join local group tours.  Enjoy the natural beauty of the lava pools immersed in the untamed northern sea. A truly unique experience.
Choose the hour you get picked up and how many hours you want to spend in Porto Moniz, this is a super flexible experience.