Reef Fish Watching in Madeira

Reef Fish Watching in Madeira


The only snorkelling tour on the Island dedicated to the several coloured fish species that can be found on the Island’s reef shallows. The right tour if you wish to snorkel Madeira’s clear waters while observing beautiful coloured fish and learning about the sponges, algae, sea urchins, anemone, corals and other marine organisms. We combined three spots on the beautiful São Lourenço Bay to increase your sighting possibilities.


Tour led by experienced Marine Biologist and diver guides on three snorkelling spots.
Snorkelling spots away from urban areas and pollution, with clear waters.
Designed to maximize the observation of marine species (Fish, sponges, anemone, algae, etc.).
Beautiful coloured fish like peacock wrasse, Rainbow wrasse, Zebra seabream, Damselfish, Pearly razorfish, ornate wrasse, Mediterranean parrotfish, barred hogfish, among others










Why book this tour:The tour takes place on the coastal waters of the São Lourenço Nature Reserve, far from urban areas. The ocean water in this is area is clear, clean and serene, being sheltered from dominant winds and surely one of the best areas for snorkelling. A plus to this tour are the multiple snorkelling spots, enhancing the opportunity to watch several of Madeira’s reef fishes and marine life.

Areas and localities: The tour takes place on the coastal area of São Lourenço in Abra Bay.

Target Reef Fish: Peacock Wrasse, Rainbow Wrasse, Black Damselfish, Yellow Damselfish, Pearly Razorfish, Ornate Wrasse, African Stripped Grunt, Caribbean sharp-nose puffer, Guinean Pufferfish, Mediterranean parrotfish, barred hogfish, Madeira Rock Fish, Atlantic Lizardfish, Striped Red Mullet, Zebra Seabream, Blotched Bigeye, Grey Triggerfish, Red Lip Blenny and the whitefingered frogfish, a real challenge to spot underwater. Other open water fish and marine organisms will be observed, although not our main focus on this snorkelling tour.

Sightseeing: Views of the southern coast between Funchal and Caniçal.


40,00 €


saturday - 14:00 to 17:30;
Marine Biologist Guide, snorkelling equipment, diving suit, fish field guide and briefing, taxes, Rib boat trip, Insurance, Pick up and Drop off in Funchal, Caniço, Santa Cruz and Machico (please consult for other locations). Pre briefing coffee or tea are included.
Food & Drinks

Please note:

Tour Tips: Outdoor shoes, swimsuit, hat and sunscreen should always be taken to the activity.

Wc stop & coffee break: Yes, before the snorkel briefing about the target fish species. Coffees included are espresso, American coffee, white coffee. Tea is also available. Cappuccino, Mocha, Irish coffee or any other special coffees are not included
Pick up and Drop off in Funchal, Caniço, Santa Cruz and Machico (please consult for other locations).
Same as pick up
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