Madeira Laurissilva Rainforest Tour

Madeira Laurissilva Rainforest Tour


The only tour on the Island dedicated to laurissilva rainforest as a whole ecosystem. On this walk we will observe the several groups that compose this unique forest and understand why this forest is a UNESCO’s Natural Heritage site while watching some of its unique species such as the Madeiran Brimstone, Madeira firescrest, Madeira’s giant Fox gloves, Lilly of the valley tree and several other exclusive rainforest plants and animals


Tour led by experienced Naturalist guide and on the most pristine rainforest area.
Designed to maximize the observation of rainforest’s unique species and communities.
Exclusive rainforest species such as Madeiran Brimstone, Madeiran Speckled wood, Madeira firecrest, Madeiran chaffinch, Laurel pigeon, Honey Tree Spurge, Madeiran Leafy Orchid, Madeira Giant Fox gloves, Madeira Giant Bellflower, Giant Buttercup, Anemone leaved stork’s bill, among others. Highlight of protected and endangered species.










Why book this tour:The only Laurissilva rainforest tour on the Island fully dedicated to this biologically unique ecosystem. The walk takes place on the most pristine area of this forest and with its several well conserved plant communities. The walk is led by a biologist or naturalist guide and focuses on the several amazing exclusive species that inhabit this beautiful forest. Focus will be mainly on Birds, butterflies, Dragonflies, lichens and the many wonderful plants, but also and understand why this forest is a UNESCO’s Natural Heritage site. The landscape is amazing and silent. Typical sounds are birdsongs, wind and water.

Areas and Localities: The tour takes place on the central area of the Island, starting at the central mountain’s summit, on the southern side of the Island and then crossing to the Northern slope where this forest is truly pristine.

Target Species: Madeiran Brimstone, Madeiran Speckled Wood, Madeira Firecrest, Madeira Laurel pigeon, Madeira Chaffinch, Madeira Giant Buttercup, Honey spurge, Chain Fern, Fetid Laurel, Canary Laurel, Madeira holy, Black parsley, Madeira mahogany, Madeira bilberry, Tree heather, among others.

Observation Spots: The observation of the aforementioned species takes place along the walk.

Sightseeing: Beautiful views of the southern coast, Ribeira Brava Valley, cultivated terraces on Serra de Água valley, the central mountains, the lush green norther laurel forest valleys and S. Vicente Valley.


35,00 €


friday - 09:00 to 12:30;
Naturalist Guide, Insurance, Observation equipment, pick up and drop off in Funchal, Caniço, Camara de Lobos and Ribeira Brava (please consult for other locations).
Food & Drinks

Please note:

Tour Tips: Warm clothes, comfortable outdoor shoes, hat, sunscreen and water should always be taken to the activity. Don’t forget your camera to record these amazing species and walking vistas.

Vertigo & Claustrophobia: Vertigo is inexistent except some short handrailed sections with a couple of meters long. There is one 300 m long tunnel, not advised to people who suffer from claustrophobia
Pickups start at 09h00. pick up and drop off in Funchal, Caniço, Camara de Lobos and Ribeira Brava (please consult for other locations).
Same as pick up
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