Santana Typical Houses

These small, triangular and colorful houses represent a part of the Madeira’s heritage and one of the most popular tourist attractions of the island.

Typical houses in Santana

Why is it so well known?

Because, in fact, these houses date back to the discovery of Madeira and represent a part of Madeira's heritage. These small, triangular and colorful houses were made of straw, from the cereal plantation that served to cover them, and wood, because it was cheap and abundant material in this region and important to balance the temperature of the interior. The high slope of the roofs allowed the rainwater to drain, thus ensuring the impermeability of the house.

Inside this house, only an attic, where agricultural products were kept, and a ground floor, where the residential area was located, divided into two separate parts, the kitchen and the bedroom.

Santana city center is the best place on the island to observe the traditional houses of Madeira, where you can find several of these colorful houses and even beautiful gardens. Just across the street, there is a fruit market on weekends, which you can explore.