Christopher Columbus House Museum

Christopher Columbus House Museum is located in Porto Santo island.

Columbus House Museum of Porto Santo is located on Porto Santo Island.
The navigator Christopher Columbus lived in this house, during his passage through the Golden Island, in 1478, after his marriage to Filipa de Moniz, daughter of Bartolomeu Perestrelo, first Captain Donatory of Porto Santo.
The museum opened in 1989, having had several interventions over the years regarding its museum content.
The museum is divided into two floors: the ground floor, which has a shop and a temporary exhibition room on themes of Portuguese maritime expansion, and the first floor, which has three thematic rooms.
The first is dedicated to the Portuguese Expansion, where the strategic position of the island of Porto Santo and the archipelago of Madeira is presented in the context of the Portuguese maritime expansion.
The second room exposes elements related to the importance of the Spanish crown in world expansion and as a financier for the Christopher Columbus expedition in 1492; this space gathers a summary biography of the navigator and his family relations with Porto Santo, as well as some notes of reference to his trips to the American continent.
The third is dedicated to the Dutch colonial empire that was shown in the exhibition of part of the collection of the galleon of the Dutch East India Company “Slot ter Hooge”, sunk in 1724, north of the island of Porto Santo.
The entrance ticket costs about 2 €.
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Travessa da Sacristia 2 e 4, Porto Santo